The Positive Work Environment

Creating a motivating work environment through positive management. A positive management approach ensures that your people aim for the good instead of trying to simply avoid the bad


It is essential that all managers, and new managers in particular, grasp this. Their job is to manage the staff to get the work done, they do that through the work environment.

Putting the right people in the right jobs

Have you ever recruited or promoted the “best” person for the job only to realise later that the person doesn’t have all the skills the job now demands?


There are better ways to select people for jobs than gut-instinct.

Inspirational leadership

Inspiring great achievement of a worthwhile job through leadership


The leader, the owner or senior executive, must inspire their employees to greater efforts.

Future-proofing the firm

Sustaining the Firm through innovation


You know how rapidly things change. Where are the top 50 businesses from 20 years ago now? Some will have disappeared.

The Inspiring Achievement Guaranteed Programme

Delivers guaranteed profit improvement

The Progamme

The Programme is designed to give your people managers the tools, understanding and skills they need to substantially raise employee engagement, increasing performance, profitability and shareholder value

Consultancy for Start-Ups and SME Businesses

A trusted adviser can speed up the development of a business proposal or improve a business process that has become a bottleneck.

The Progamme

Telephone and video coaching can be effective in start-up situations with limited funding and gives access to an experienced adviser at a minimal demand on your time and finances.