Team Management fundamentals

Managing people and talking about performance is something many managers do badly! Thankfully, with the right training you can develop the skills to help you build a team that performs well.


This course is designed for people who are managing teams of people for the first time, no matter what their job title.


Poor team performance is often due to ineffective management. Learn the skills to raise performance, employee engagement and productivity.

People Management Skills

This course is designed for people who manage people, no matter what their job title is, and who want to raise their performance substantially.

Leadership Skills

As a manager good, or bad, organisation performance is down to you. Learn and develop the Leadership skills and style which will help you deliver great performance.

Leadership Skills

This course is designed for people who want to lead their team, whatever size or type, to perform far beyond the normal expectation.

Consultancy for Start-Ups and SME businesses

Working with a Coach can help to develop the skills needed to speed up the development of a business proposal, improve a business process that has become a bottleneck, motivate your team and more…


Location is no barrier, whether face to face, via telephone or video we offer the solutions which is right for you.