The Inspiring Achievement Guaranteed Programme

Delivers guaranteed profit improvement

The Programme is designed to give your people managers the tools, understanding and skills they need to substantially raise employee engagement, increasing performance, profitability and shareholder value.

While there is a core set of skills, your unique needs will be addressed through bespoke interventions as the Programme unfolds.

The Programme raises the ability of your people managers to inspire their staff. This leads to massive employee engagement, significantly improved organisation performance and, therefore, embeds a substantial competitive advantage.

The financial numbers are a simple example. You will see an increase in operating profit due to greater employee commitment, willingness and effort.

You can expect your operating profit to gradually increase by an amount equal to 5% of your wage bill, over the first three years of the Programme. The much improved profit per employee will then continue and is self-sustaining while the workforce stays reasonably the same.

The Programme is spread over three years to drive a steady behaviour change at the most effective pace.

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The Inspiring Achievement Programme

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The Inspiring Achievement Programme Cashflow Forecast

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