People management is broken

The right attitude

Everyone in business should have a commercial attitude. It’s all about delivering a customer need and getting paid for it. Do you treat your employees in the same way?

Do you think of your salary costs in terms of getting the most work done for the least cost?

Would you be surprised if your employees think they should do as little as possible for as much as possible? Is that your experience? Whose fault is that?

It isn’t very effective, is it? But you probably don’t know any better!

What has gone wrong with people management?

You have suffered successive onslaughts of HR flummery: employee engagement solutions, rewards and benefits, workspace design, CSR, culture change programmes or training as a good thing for heaven’s sake!

All this, and more, has led to the horrors of matrix management, and the consequent politics.

Who carries the can when matrix management goes wrong? Who is responsible? Care to guess?

It isn’t all bad

That is not to say that all that flummery doesn’t contain a seed of value, but it needs fertile ground, not the desert of commercially-based employee relations. Otherwise, it is just conscience money spent for public relations.

But how do you make it better?

It’s the Leaders job

The Leader can do it. You may feel that trying to get anything changed is like herding cats, but have you tried the human equivalent of those cat treats? They will come running.

The majority want a better, more secure work life. They want to feel involved, excited and important. They want to be inspired and they want their employer to do great work and be profitable.

You could issue an instruction and expect everything to be better in a week. You know better, I hope, there is a time constant for changing human behaviour. At a steady rate it takes eighteen months to achieve a 90% successful change process.

Don’t wait for your Financial Director to ask for an urgent word!

It is no good waiting until your Finance Director asks for a meeting. You need to start this change process a couple of years before.

You’ll find lots of useful information on our website or contact me to get things changing.

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