The UK is facing turbulent times as the meaning of the Brexit vote slides from speculation to fact.
We all have a simple choice to make: Close our eyes and hope for the best or look for the opportunity.
This is opportunity knocking.


Like it or not the country voted to leave the EU: A simple fact. Now we have to make it work best way we can.

The Money Markets have made their position clear.

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Gold may not be your chosen measure but the charts against the Euro, the US Dollar or most other currencies show much the same story. Our economic condition has changed.

Good news that the FTSE100 has soared? That is an indication of the non-Sterling profits they make which when re-patriated are now worth so much more. If you can live on your savings, then your standard of living is buffered somewhat. Most of us need to earn, individuals and companies alike.

The Floating Exchange Rate

The euphemism “floating downwards” describes what has happened to the international value of Sterling. Great for exporters for now, of course.

But in the next weeks and months the effect of rising import prices will raise the cost base of our exporters as well as the cost of living for us all.

Pay rise demands will be following the daffodils next year and erupting in colourful riots around us.
What is your response?

Are you waiting for the Government to do something, holding out your bowl like Oliver?

Perhaps I am old enough to realise that Government intervention has never worked except to make things worse through those unintended consequences: One man’s handout is two men’s tax rise.

Or are you ready to grab the opportunity as your competitors, domestic and foreign, wait for help?
Your response has to be to drive down your input costs, to maintain your profit margin while keeping your selling price stable or even reducing it?

For too long Business Advisers, who should know better, have told us to shrink our businesses to grow the profit. Do you know anyone that shrunk to success? What we need to shrink is our costs. What we need is to shrink our costs.

The Opportunity

Your opportunity, and mine to celebrate the new website, is to take advantage of our Starter Day.

The Starter Day
  • Actionable advice for you to improve your operation in general or your specific problem.
  • Pro bono work introduces you to Motivation Matters, at no risk to you.
  • We ask you to make a charitable donation to The Prince’s Trust here.
Your preparation
  • Know how your sales turnover per employee compares to your competitors.
  • Know how your operating profit per employee compares to your competitors.
  • Have a consensus of what needs to improve.
The Visit
  • Your Chief Executive discusses with our Consultant what needs to be improved and what results are expected – 30 minutes
  • Your Senior Leadership or Board Members meet with our Consultant to explore issues and opportunities – 1 hour
  • You give our Consultant a tour of your facility to learn how your Customer Satisfaction process works – 2 hours
  • Our Consultant analyses and writes up the day’s findings – 2 hours
  • Your Chief Executive is given actionable advice by our Consultant to improve the major issue – 30 minutes
The Conditions
  • One pro bono day to each organisation.
  • The organisation is situated in East Anglia, UK
  • The organisation has fewer than 300 and more than 30 people on-site.
  • We reserve the right to decline the opportunity.
  • You are under absolutely no obligation to engage our services whatsoever.
  • We will give one pro bono day a month in total.
Take Action

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