E-Coaching Details


Coaching provides a time efficient means to develop your people management and leadership skills.

The coaching is entirely based on your needs, in your situation and is delivered at a time that suits you.

Telephone and video coaching is effective in most situations and has the advantage of minimal demand on your time and low cost.

Four weeks email support around the issue discussed gives you the opportunity to practise your new skill and ask for feedback and refinement on your performance.

This is not HR support, but help for you to get the best performance from your people.

As a manager of people, your performance is measured by how well your team perform. This e-coaching will improve your performance.


When you started in business, you worked exactly how you wanted. Now you have people working for you, your job has changed. Now you are a manager.

Don’t worry, most people start off as “accidental managers” and the smart ones get some training along the way to boost their success.

Unfortunately, traditional management training is still based in an era when people were “units of labour”. It isn’t useful today.

If you already have your first employee, then you know that managing people is a whole new skill. You need to acquire that skill quickly.

Motivation Matters is your partner to make that happen.


Who this is for

This Coaching service is designed for people who find themselves managing people and need support to achieve better performance.

The coaching is delivered by telephone or video, at a mutually acceptable time.

The Coaching call is for 30 minutes and includes unlimited email support for the following four weeks, on the subject discussed.

The coaching is for one manager.


£50 + VAT for a 30 minutes call with 4 weeks email support.

Now the first call and 4 weeks email support is complimentary.

Call now to schedule your no cost first call, at a time that suits you  +44 (0) 1787 378851


Download the PDF Help with managing your first employees Brochure