Management Insights

Business people may be short of many things, but information isn’t one of them.

Put “Employee Engagement” into Google and you get 9.7 million results!

The problem is time: you want to keep abreast of the latest developments but you have limited time and don’t want to waste it on low grade information.

We are in the fifth year of curating the best posts, on the subjects below, from across the web, for our Clients.

You can access these “Five of the Best” at

We individually select the five best website posts this week around these subjects:

·       Organisation Productivity

·       Employee Engagement

·       Organisation Culture

·       First Time Management skills

·       Management

·       Leadership

·       Team Working

·       Retention and Recruitment

·       Management Skill Development

·       Boardroom Concerns

·       Family Business

·       Creativity

·       Innovation

We do not necessarily endorse the content produced by other organisations. Indeed, to generate thought we sometimes post other’s content with which we disagree!

You can find our thought pieces and whitepapers which we do endorse on our website.

“Five of the Best” is at

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