Employee Engagement AND Continuous Improvement

Extra productivity

How much extra productivity, what gain in performance and what happens to profits are all good questions that I’ll point the way to answering here.

The amount of extra productivity, performance and profit depends on where you are now. My experience is most commercial organizations can expect to double their profit over a few years.

The behaviour change that delivers the benefits, drives the speed and scale of the outcome.

Continuous improvement

If you are too timid in your employee directed continuous improvement then you will achieve very little.

If you fail to achieve a collaborative working environment with cross functional ad hoc dialogue, that doesn’t need to go up the hierarchy for approval, then the change can be quick and large.

Don’t expect employee led continuous improvement to make single major changes. That isn’t what happens. They will make many micro-improvements day after day which tend to be in the core processes so never go out of date, or become irrelevant due to revolutionary product or service launches.

Astonishing performance!

If you do this right you will be astonished at your people’s and your organization’s performance. You will be proud of what you and your people achieve and feel more confident that when the future challenges happen your people will be ready to respond.

This dynamic, buoyant attitude brings sector leadership so you are the employer of choice.

Let’s put a numerical concept of performance into graphical form.

People management skills

The management determined working environment moves people along the Engagement axis to deliver greater performance.

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