Consultancy for Start-Ups and SME Businesses

The Service

Businesses, from the start-up phase to employing a few hundred people, need help sometimes.

A trusted adviser can speed up the development of a business proposal or improve a business process that has become a bottleneck that just doesn’t meet the Customer’s, or the Owner’s, needs.

Telephone and video coaching can be effective in start-up situations with limited funding and gives access to an experienced adviser at a minimal demand on your time and finances.

Alternatively, larger organisations may require Consultant meetings to explore more complex, inter-related issues.

Either way, the worst option is to muddle through without help!

Whether you are needing help with your Start-Up or with a crisis of growth, help is at hand.

Why continue with a business or a process you know can be improved, when you have a solution available to you?

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Who we are

Our experience ranges from Start-Up businesses to Global Corporations.

The fundamental issue with all businesses is that reality is not quite as you planned.

Large Corporations have the buffer of multiple income streams which gives time to adjust to reality. Unfortunately, this buffer can allow reality to be ignored for far too long, as recent large bankruptcies show.

Start-Ups invariably have limited funding and are still to determine if their product or service meets a real need that people will buy at a profit. A Lean Start-Up methodology gives the best chance of finding a profitable solution within existing funding.

In all cases, external advice is essential to produce the balanced view.

Motivation Matters is here to help.


£100 + Expenses + VAT per hour.

Expenses include travel and out-of-pocket expenses.

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